Eden DM hands over Green Genies and Worm farms to residents of Gouritzmond

Officials from the District Waste Management Unit of Eden District Municipality (Eden DM), on 20 March 2018, gave Worm farms and Green Genies to residents of the Gouritzmond area near Mossel Bay. 

Eden DM Councillor Theresia van Rensburg (left) and Mr Morton Hubbe, Eden DM District Waste Manager (right), hand over the file to Ms Isabelle Swart (middle) after Ms Swart took the Worm Farm and Green Genie into possession

This activity followed the launch of the first Home Composting Pilot Project in the Eden District on Monday, 5 February 2018,  in collaboration with Hessequa Municipality.

FLTR: Eden DM District Waste Officer, Mr Johan Gie, Participant Ms Joma Meyer, Eden DM and Mossel Bay Councillor Theresia van Rensburg, Eden DM District Waste Manager, Mr Morton Hubbe and Participant Mr Hein Meyer, while examining the Worm Farm

The project was approved by the Eden DM Council as pilot project after characterisation studies compiled of waste being transported from households and businesses to landfill sites in the Eden District Municipal areas, revealed that vast volumes of organic waste are being disposed of at landfill sites in the District. Approximately 30% of household waste contains organic waste that ends up in the landfill sites. Most of the landfill sites in the Eden district are already closed and the remaining sites are currently reaching their limit.  The idea is to keep organic waste out of landfills, which will prevent the generation of detrimental landfill gasses – and this is where the Home Composting Project has an important role to play.

Mr Dawie van der Merwe (left), with the Eden DM Team: Eden DM and Mossel Bay Councillor Theresia van Rensburg (2nd, left), District Waste Manager, Mr Morton Hubbe (middle), District Waste Officer, Mr Johan Gie (2nd, right) and Administrative Assistant for the Eden DM Mossel Bay Office, Mr Wayne Odendaal (right). Mr Van der Merwe received the Worm Farm and Green Genie on behalf of his wife, Ms Anita van der Merwe

When the officials Mr Morton Hubbe, Eden DM’s District Waste Manager and Mr Johan Gie, Eden DM Waste Management Officer handed over the Worm Farms to the participants, they explained to them what items the worms can and cannot consume.

“Most of the food consumed by these worms, are items that would initially have ended up at the landfill site. After the food are consumed, the worm castings and worm tea can then be used as fertilizer for house- and pot plants and in the vegetable gardens,” Mr Hubbe said. The methods and techniques on how to care for these worms, were also  also shared with the participants.

All these instructions are reflected in a file, which are handed over to the participants, after which the participant signs off and acknowledge temporary ownership of the Green Genie and Worm Farm for a period of one year.  After a year the participant will become the official owner of both the Green Genie and Worm Farm.

During the year, it is required from the participant to report to the Eden District and Hessequa Municipal Waste Management Officers on a monthly basis, which will allow officials to monitor the progress of the project and capture the relevant data.  The reporting and capturing of the data of organic waste that was diverted from landfills must be done in an accurate manner that will be presented to the Municipal Council.  Mossel Bay and Eden DM’s Councillor Theresia Van Rensburg and Administrative Assistant of the Eden DM Office in Mossel Bay, Mr Wayne Odendaal, were also present during the hand over. Cllr Van Rensburg said: “It is a wonderful project, especially in knowing what impact it will have on the environment – it is important that we create awareness on what difference bio-waste can make in order to care for our environment”.

It is envisaged that the next pilot project will be implemented in the Mossel Bay municipal area.  The objective of the pilot projects is to make Councils aware of the positive impacts of home composting on waste diversion figures and the environment in order to motivate the roll-out of the project to the rest of the households in the municipal areas.

For more information about Waste Management initiatives in die Eden district, visit our website: http://wastemanagement.edendm.co.za/

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