George Business Chamber Chairman moving on

The CEO of the George Business Chamber has announced that Dr Willie Cilliers has resigned as Chairperson of the George Business Chamber in order to dedicate his time as Chairperson of the AHI for the Western Cape.

His role will be focussed on extending the valuable work done at the George Business Chamber in developing entrepreneurs, assisting with the establishment of new Business Chambers throughout the Western Cape Province, supporting existing Chambers in the province and the creation of an entrepreneurial help line and support services for new as well as existing businesses.

Dr Cilliers has been involved in the George Business Chamber for the past 10 years of which he was the Chairperson for the past 5 years. In this time, Dr Cilliers has raised the bar in terms of business support and has featured as a prominent leader in terms of the various projects that have been undertaken. His leadership has resulted in the George Business Chamber achieving the National Award as “Business Chamber of the Year” in 2014 and 2016. His influence, and forward thinking, has recognised the necessity to create an Inclusive Economy in the region. Dr Cilliers will provide a Media Release pertaining to his plans for future economic Development.

The George Business Chamber Board has elected Dr Dennis Farrell as the acting chairperson of the George Business Chamber until the formal voting of a new Chairperson takes place at the 2018 AGM which will be held in May. Dr Farrell has held various senior positions in business, and has received accolades for his leadership, business contributions as well as an International honourable mention for his approach, leadership and management of Shared Services (Business Proficiency). He is a director and co-owner of a George based Business and People Advisory company and is currently a director on the Board of the George Business Chamber.

We wish to thank Dr Willie Cilliers for his dedication and commitment to the George Business Chamber, our affiliates and the business community at large. We wish him success with his future endeavours and are looking forward with great anticipation to the future offerings of the AHi to all Chambers in the Western Cape Province.

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