Dogs on beaches and public places

Due to numerous misconceptions and complaints regarding dogs we wish to inform all dog owners of some of the most important municipal regulations pertaining to animals when on public roads or streets, open spaces or beach areas.

Dogs or any other animals are not allowed on any beach area (sand) which falls in the George Municipal jurisdiction, according to the By-law, Keeping of dogs, cats and animals.

Further to this no dog or other animal may be in any public street or public space (any open public space the public has access to which falls under the George Municipal jurisdiction for example parks, sport fields, beachfronts and sidewalks) except on a leash and under control. This is unless the animal is in an area designated by the George Municipality as a free running area. A person is not allowed to walk a dog other than a guide dog, in a public street, public place, without carrying enough plastic or paper bags or wrappers, to place the excrement of the dog into, in the event of the dog defecating.

Please note that dogs are allowed on the sidewalk areas, (tarred, brick paved etc.) of beach fronts, if these conditions are adhered to. The beach areas under the control of the George Municipality includes Herold’s Bay, Gwaiing River Mouth, Victoria Bay and the Leentjiesklip areas.

The public must also note that By-laws relating to dogs on a street or public place relate to the George Municipal jurisdiction and it might differ from other municipalities. The public are also requested to humanely muzzle and keep dogs under control, which could be considered as dangerous, vicious or ferocious. No animals should be left in an unattended and or a closed vehicle or open bakkie in any public street or space. If this by-law is not adhered to, a fine of R1000 will be imposed.

Mr Richard von Willigh, Manager Law Enforcement at George Municipality, requests that animal owners leaving on vacation have their animals cared for by a reliable person or at an animal boarding facility such as kennels or catteries.

He said the use of fireworks also causes strain on animals and proper care should be taken that the animals are enclosed or kept in such a manner that they cannot injure themselves or run away. Igniting fireworks without permission is a by-law transgression and would be dealt with by law enforcement.

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