The Phelophepa train is open for service

The Phelophepa train is open for service to the public until Friday 15th September at the George station located in Station Road. Patients are reminded that the service can only work on a certain number of people per day and patients will receive a ticket for only one service per day.

It is important that patients bring their medical files, identity documents and any other relevant medical documentation with them to the train.

The Transnet-Phelophepa Healthcare Train has reached millions of people in South Africa since its roll out in 1994. The health-care services provided from the train are largely free of charge or offered at an exceptionally low cost to communities in rural areas. The services include a health clinic, dental clinic, eye clinic, psychology clinic and cancer screening services.

The trains travel for 35 to 36 weeks each year visiting various communities in rural areas each week. The main objective is one of prevention and early detection of medical conditions, as well as screening and education by making people aware of the importance of looking after their own health. The trains either provide services in communities where these currently do not exist, or enhance existing health services provided by government. 

The Transnet-Phelophepa Healthcare Trains are the only primary healthcare trains in the world and recognised as one of the more innovative designs in primary healthcare in South Africa and globally

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