Change of game plan for Fancourt’s Montagu Golf Course resurfacing

A plan is quite often subject to change!  Which is exactly what has recently transpired at the world-renowned Fancourt Estate in South Africa’s Garden Route golfing mecca; where located within the grounds are three Gary Player-designed golf courses available to golfing enthusiasts.

At the end of last year, management made an announcement advising residents and holidaymakers alike, that Fancourt’s Montagu golf course was going to close for resurfacing purposes during a 6-month period between April and September 2016.

However just as one needs to allow for flexibility in one’s own game of golf, the same applies to the actual business side where vagaries such as weather and turf usage are realities of concern and impact.

This month Fancourt secured yet again kudos in Golf Digest’s Top 20 courses in South Africa, as The Links was ranked No 1, Montagu as No 6 and Outeniqua as No 16.

“In order to be the leaders in the South African golfing industry, we have a long-term plan to resurface all the golf courses at Fancourt, whether every 12 years or when they are no longer up to standard,” says Lloyd Martindale, GM of Golf at Fancourt.

“We have been monitoring the Montagu greens very closely over the last four months as mid-summer is the most stressful time due to excess heat, moisture and the number of players,” he continued. “And are pleased to advise that they have come through the worst of the summer season and are still in great shape’.

Hence, the decision to postpone the resurfacing of Montagu Golf Course until April 2018. However a process of hollow tining to take place during the month of May 2016, with no effect on players.

Why Hollow Tining?

  • The hollow tining of greens, tees and even fairways is an essential part of most golf course maintenance programmes.
  • It’s the physical removal of cores of turf from a playing surface. The holes are generally 13-16 mm in diameter and of varying depths.  The cores are ejected, swept and removed (making excellent compost).
  • Hollow tining allows the compacted turf to expand and air and moisture to be more easily absorbed.
  • As May marks the beginning of Fancourt’s autumn and wet season, this is the perfect timing.

About Fancourt:

  • Fancourt is a global landmark for business, leisure and golfing travel but its gradual expansion can be traced back to the establishment of the Manor House by its first custodian, Henry Fancourt White in the late 1880’s.  The estate was transformed into a hotel and golfing destination in 1989.
  • Today Fancourt is owned Dr and Mrs Plattner, with award-winning golf courses and unparalleled service offerings, against the backdrop of the ever-present Outeniqua mountain range.
  • Fancourt has three 18-hole golf courses (Montagu, Outeniqua and The Links) situated on the resort and all ranked in the Top 20 in South Africa. The Links is currently No. 1 in South Africa (Golf Digest Rankings 2014/15) and was ranked 34th in the world in 2014 by Golf Digest USA.
  • The resort has two accommodation offerings:
  • Fancourt Hotel –  5 star hotel with 115 rooms
  • The Manor House – a 5 star boutique hotel with eighteen suites all offering personalized, butler-style service.
  • Fancourt is a member of Leading Hotels of the World.
  • Fancourt CSR projects include:
  • George Child and family welfare society provides a centre of care for abused, neglected and abandoned children. It was in 2000 that Fancourt and Sabine Plattner African Charities stepped in to offer much-needed funds for the running of GCFW and today, it is one of the most successful non-profit organisations in the country.
  • Fancourt is located in George, part of the captivating Garden Route region in the Western Cape of South Africa. It stretches for 400 km along large expanses of panoramic Indian Ocean beaches, with breathtakingly beautiful mountain ranges and natural forests. The Garden Route was voted the sixth best coastal drive in the world by Virtual Tourist. For non-golfers the region’s diverse offering include ocean sailing, horse polo, wine estates, mountain biking and hiking – the famous otter trail route, beautiful indigenous and protected forests, and breathtaking Indian ocean beaches with an abundance of sunshine. There are organic food markets, craft villages, big 5 safari experiences, ocean and forest adventure activities, world class hiking and mountain biking trails and the world’s highest bridge bungee jump. The Garden Route is the world’s best-kept natural secret and Fancourt is the perfect place to start your adventure.

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