SCFPA Welcomes New WoF Team

On Friday, the 13th of September, the Southern Cape Fire Protection Association, Eden District Municipality and Working on Fire held a welcome ceremony for a new and much needed Working on Fire (WoF) team.


For those not familiar with WoF, it is a job creation programme (EPWP) focused on integrated fire management. The individuals chosen are trained in fire prevention and suppression as well as awareness and education.

The event took place at the Eden Fire Station in George, which is also the base where the 22 fire fighters and 1 base manager, Melvory Jacobs, will be stationed.


As this was such a significant ceremony, numerous noteworthy individuals attended and expressed their warm welcome such as Shane Christians – General Manager of the WoF programme (Western Cape region), Clive Africa – Executive Manager: Management Services (Eden District), Gerhard Otto – Manager: Eden Disaster Management, Henry McCombi – Portfolio Chairperson: Management Services (Eden), Wessie van der Westhuizen  – Executive Mayor (Eden) as well as Paul Gerber – Chairman of the Southern Cape Fire Protection Association.

Paul Gerber gave an extensive overview of the SCFPAs’ activities in the Eden region and how integrated fire management is achieved. He also stressed the importance of partnerships for growth and success.

This new George team falls under the guidance and management of the SCFPA and is a welcome addition to their current five teams, 2 teams based in Riversdale and Goudveld and one team based in Crags.

The extension of the fire fighting force in the Southern Cape will prove beneficial to all parties involved especially with the summer season around the corner.

Please be fire wise and prevent wildfires.

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