The SA Sport for Change Project is two-fold

1This project is part of R 100 million donation from the German Government to the South African Government, towards the social development (Youth) of the country.

The Thembalethu project located in Ward 15 at Erf 6050 with a worth of R 1.8 million,and has its parralel in Pacaltsdorp, Ward 16 Erf worth R1.2 million erf 6379. These projects are funded by the SA Sport for Change Project, previously the YDVS (Youth Development against Violence through Sports) project.

The Project is running on the following phases:

1. The Earth works Phase at a worth of R 449 000

2. The Construction Phase, which is landfill (grassfields) and construction work (concrete courts, which accomodates team and individual sports)

3. The delivery of Sports codes such as Rugby, Soccer, Mini Cricket, Netball, Basketball, Baseball and Volleyball with Lifeskills development.

2The nature of the work activity is employment intensive and is low -level entry of employees on a temporay basis, who needs to do a lot of manual work with wheelbarrels, garden forks, spades,etc. and the employment is on a community base and access level. The procurement of Service Providers goes through the regular Supply Chain proces of local government, which was the route followed with both the two mentioned projects. Pertaining both project, local service providers were appointed to deliver due services. Jacques Quinot is the senior techincal official, managing the works programme. The strategic objective is to get at least 95 people per community involved in the construction. Regular two-week reports aon progress made, thus far are submitted.

These facilities are popularly known as kick-abouts. and are manged by Operations and Maintenance (O&M) committees, which are standing in each community. The O & M Committees will manage the sports and lifeskills as well as the facility maintenance and will work very closely with George Municipality in future. Regular interaction takes place between SRSA (Sport and Recreation South Africa) and SUM Consultants with George Municipality on an official visit, and site visit level. Consultation involves both committees that represents community interest. The process is thus far well documented and will be concluded on 30 June 2013.

3The nature of the project is community based , which has its origin in Europe and Japan. The idea is to provide social stability in South Africa with less developed commuities as the target. It is designed to counter such social ills as substance abuse, family violence, child abuse, HIV/AIDS, crime, etc. Their is a very distinct possibility that two more projects similiar in nature will be rolled out in the 2013/14 financial year.

The projects falls within the ambit of the George Sports Policy, which falls withing the Sport and Recreation domain and has to involve Youth Development.

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