Official Welcome & Student Registration Programme 2012

After a well-earned break from the books NMMUÆs George Campus looks forward to welcoming students at Saasveld at the start of the new Academic Year.

òOfficial Welcome Ceremony for first year students and their parents/guardians – Saturday, 28 January from 08:45 (MopaniBuilding, NMMU George Campus)

òOrientation for first year students commences on Monday, 30 January 2012

òBetween 31 January and 9 February 2012 senior students, as well as students who have been successfully admitted to any of the array of business, education or natural resource-related programmes offered at George Campus will register for the new Academic year

òAll classes start on 13 February

The full program for the 2012 registration period is as follows:

30 January:

All International Students in all programmes register

08:30 û 15:30 B.Tech Forestry and Wood Technology (Part-time & full-time)

31 January:

First year students in Business & Economic Sciences; Education

08:30 û 15:30 NDip & Extended Programmes in Management, Marketing and Tourism Management; all BCom programmes and BEd (FET)

1 February:

First year students in Science Faculty:SchoolofNatural Resource Management

08:30 û 15:30 NDip and Extended Programmes in Agricultural Management, Forestry, Game Ranch Management, Nature Conservation and Wood Technology

8 February:

Senior Students in theSchoolofNatural ResourceManagement

08:00 û 11:00 NDip and BTech: Nature Conservation and Game Ranch Management

10:00 û 13:00 NDip and BTech: Agricultural Management

11:00 û 15:30 NDip: Forestry and Wood Technology

9 February:

Senior Students in Business & Economic Sciences; Education

08:00 û 13:00 All BCom programmes and BEd (FET)

11:00 û 15:30 NDip: Management; NDip and BTech: Marketing; NDip and BTech:Tourism Management; NDip: Information Technology

Financial details:

Upfront down-payment amounts (payable before 2012 registration)

Degree programmes (BCom and BEd) R5 000

BTech (full-time)R 3 600

BTech (part-time) R2 300

National Diploma R3 600

For more information contact the George Campus at 044 801 5111 or send an e-mail to:

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