Uruguayan rugby team linked to rape scandal in the Wilderness

Shocking revelations at rugby players’ rape case 

It has emerged in the Cape Town Magistrate’s Court that four men were involved in the alleged rape and sodomising of a 29-year-old woman at a hotel in Sea Point over the weekend. They are in South Africa on a club rugby tour.

The investigating officer, Mzukisi Tswina, has testified that three people took turns to allegedly rape the complainant. Tswina says a fourth person sodomised her. Two of the accused, a 24-year-old Uruguayan rugby player and a 40-year-old Argentinean club supporter, are applying for bail.

An identity parade will be held on Thursday to identify the other two suspects. It has also emerged that the team doctor offered the woman an undisclosed amount of money not to report the incident. The State is opposing bail due to the seriousness of the crime.

The lawyer for the suspects, Gary Jansen, says his clients will be pleading not guilty to the charge.

The Lobos team is a small club from Punta del Este, one of south America’s biggest resort towns on the southern tip of Uruguay. According to a Uruguayan rugby website, the team had a training session with former Springbok Chester Williams this week. The team arrived in the country last week Monday.

The suspects have been remanded in custody. The bail application of the Uruguayan rugby player and Argentinean supporter will resume tomorrow morning in the Cape Town Magistrates Court. 

Foreigners had ‘consensual sex’ with woman 

Two foreigners accused of raping a 29-year-old woman denied the allegations against them on Monday.

Santiago di Meo and Ramiro Racioppi say they had consensual sex with the woman in the early hours of Saturday morning.

The 24-year-old Uruguayan rugby player is in South Africa on tour with his club.

Argentinean Racioppi, who is 40 years old, is a supporter.

In affidavits handed into the court, the two co-accused claim they met the woman when leaving a Long Street bar on Friday night.

She allegedly invited them to join her at Cubana in Green Point and drove there in her car.

In his affidavit, Di Meo says she cranked up the volume of music in her car, danced and seemed jovial.

At Cubana, the men say she asked them to buy her drinks, which they did. When Cubana closed, she invited them to join her at the gay bar Bronx, and she then joined the men in their hotel in Sea Point.

According to Di Meo and Racioppi, consensual sex followed with four or five men and the woman allegedly spent the night sleeping next to Di Meo afterwards.

However, investigating officer Constable Mzukisi Tswina said the woman was gang raped by at least four members of the Uruguayan rugby team.

In her statement, the alleged victim said she fell asleep but woke up with a man on top of her. She was allegedly rolled over while he had sex with her. She claims she was drunk and fell asleep afterwards. This happened a further three times with different men, each time she passed out afterwards.

Tswina said the complainant tried to fight them off, but the accused’s advocate said it was strange she did not scream out or try to leave immediately.

The two accused sat shaking their heads in disbelief as they listened to the complainant’s version of events.

Meanwhile, police are hoping to arrest another two suspects in connection with the case later this week and will hold an identity parade on Thursday.

The rest of the Uruguayan rugby club is in Wilderness where they are playing matches.

They are due to leave the country at the end of the week.

Alleged rugby rape victim ‘given ice pack’ 

What was to be a celebration of National Cleavage Day turned into a nightmare for a Cape Town woman who was allegedly given an ice pack to sit on to ease her pain after being raped by up to four members of a foreign rugby team.

Yesterday, two of the four men, aged 40 and 24, appeared in the Cape Town Magistrate’s Court and applied for bail.

They were arrested at the Protea Hotel, in Sea Point, on Saturday.

Investigating officer Constable Mzukisi Tswina testified that the woman “was in Long Street in Cape Town to celebrate the day, which was referred to as Cleavage Day”, when she met the men.

He said the men asked if she knew of a club that they could go to. She took them to Cubana, in Green Point, and later to Bronx, where they danced and drank until the club closed.

The woman then gave them a lift to their hotel.

At the hotel, Tswina testified, one of the men said she was too drunk to drive home and he insisted that she sleep on the spare bed in his room, to which she agreed.

“While she was asleep, she felt someone on top of her … he penetrated her and was having sex with her,” Tswina said. He said she was also sodomised.

Tswina said the woman wrapped herself in a duvet which was pulled off her by another man who forced himself on her, after which she was raped or sodomised by another two men.

After the ordeal, a man whom she believed to be a “team doctor” obtained some ice for her to sit on, and ointment, “because she had pain”.

“The guy who she refers to as the team doctor offered to compensate her with some money – in exchange she should not call the police and not cause trouble,” Tswina said. But the hotel manager, who had heard what was said, called the police.

The woman was able to identify only two of her alleged attackers.

In affidavits, both men accused her of being “promiscuous” and denied raping her. In his statement, the 24-year-old admitted to consensual sex.

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