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Greetings from Sandra and Jenny 

AGM Next Thursday! (From the Desk of the President, Bryan Hockly)

Our Annual General Meeting takes place next Thursday; a few thoughts in this regard.

This is your one chance every year to influence the direction of the club – make the most of it! We have a fairly big agenda for the year, so please familiarise yourself with the content. I have tried to outline hereunder the various items under consideration.

Item 4. If you have any matters from last year’s meeting you would like to raise, please give us some notice of this and we will add them to the agenda.

Items 5 & 6. Please read the Chairman and the Captain’s report and if you have any queries, talk to them ahead of the meeting.

Item 7. Financial Statements: If you have any questions regarding the financials, please talk to Sandra during this next week, she assures me that her door is open. I am sure that she will be able to satisfy most of your questions. Even if you are not satisfied, you will be in a position to make an informed contribution to the meeting.

Item 8. Amendments to the Constitution of the Club. These changes are mostly legal/technical in nature. Our constitution was changed considerably to enable the change in the management of the club. The changes proposed here are to line it up with the current policy of Professional management with the oversight of an elected council. If you have any queries, please read the existing constitution and the changes detailed.

Sandra will e-mail you a copy of the constitution if you do not have one. Feel free to discuss any point you like with one of the councillors, Sandra or myself. This will enable you to make informed comment and questions during the meeting if you so wish.

Items 10 & 11. Cover the increase in costs to you and new members. Consider them carefully and if you have any ideas or comments for the meeting, please prepare notes for yourself to enable a clear understanding of what you have to say.

Item 12. Capital expenditure for the coming year is detailed in the agenda. Talk to Sandra or a councillor if you have any queries.

Item 14 The AGM is your opportunity to elect an executive and council that you are happy with. Proposal forms will be on the Notice Board for another week. Have a look at it and get to know who will be directing the management for the next 12 months!

In closing; please attend the AGM, this is YOUR club. At the AGM you will be given an opportunity to ask any questions or express your opinions. Please try to do so in an orderly and informed manner.

To get all the pertinent info regarding the AGM, such as the Captain’s report, Chairman’s report and the Club’s Financial Statements, please click here.

Saturday Evening Prize Giving

We have had feedback from several Members that the Saturday evening prize giving is sorely missed and should be brought back. After a short trial period, we’ve reassessed this and have decided to bring it back with immediate effect, starting Saturday 9 April 2011. Our thanks to you all for providing us with the necessary information so that we can make an informed decision regarding this.

The 2011 Winter Better Ball Knock Out draw will be up on the board shortly, please add your team names. Last year’s event was a great success partly because all teams strived to complete their games in the allotted time frame – something which we hope will continue in 2011. The format Better Ball Match Play, and handicaps for the teams, are worked out as follows:

The golfer with the lowest handicap in the four ball plays off scratch.
This golfer’s handicap is deducted from the other player’s normal handicap and that is then the handicap that they play off.
Player 1 is the lowest handicap in the four ball with a 5, he plays off scratch.
Player 2 is an 11 handicap, less 5 from Player 1 and Player 2 then plays off a 6 for that game.
Player 3 is a 15 handicap, less 5 from Player 1 and Player 3 then plays off a 10 for that game.
Player 4 is an 18 handicap, less 5 from Player 1 and Player 4 then plays off a 13 for that game.

Bi-Annual Hollowtining Process
Nic, Hannes, Gert and the golf course maintenance team began the bi-annual hollowtining process late on Sunday afternoon, managing to hollowtine 13 greens in just under 3 hours! The process of hollowtining is essential as it allows improved drainage, removal of layering and removal of excessive thatch on the greens.

Firstly, the greens are aerated with a 19mm tine using a ProCore machine, which pulls cores of out the greens surface to a depth of 65mm. ‘MacKenzie bent’ seed is then brushed into the holes, and a thick layer of sand is applied over the top of this and also brushed in. Lastly the greens are well watered.

The results are a healthy smooth, true running green (but only in 3 week’s time!). 

The putting green receives a 19mm tine 

The ProCore machine at work 

Hannes, Gert and team on the putting green 

Close-up of the cores removed from the green 

Janine Lammers and Leonie de Beer place 2nd in the Harvey World Travel BBS ladies competition on 29 March with 44 points 

Jen and Sandra can’t resist a photo with the new champ…

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